Signs hes playing hard to get

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Before then, the phone calls were eagerly answered. The response was quickly message after a text. The late night drunk calls were sent to me,. Now granted these lessons are learned early in life and may not hold completely true in adulthood but not because of what you might believe. As we mature into our own and perhaps develop out attractive masculine side with age — most of us suddenly allow ourselves to become hard to get. You know by not calling or texting for a few days or setting up another date too quickly….
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Is there anything in this world more confusing than boys? Probably not and if there is, we don't really want to find out, because we're not sure. What's going through his head? Guys can be so confusing, so here's a quick breakdown of 15 reasons he might play hard to get even when he.
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Or maybe you ran into him through a friend, and you somehow ended up getting into an awesome conversation. Or perhaps your professor assigned you together for a group project, and one day, you hung out to get some work done What a relief, right?

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There's honestly nothing more annoying, frustrating and just plain weird than when we like a guy but get the feeling that although he likes us, he's not super interested in letting us know. Why won't he commit? Why won't he just man up and admit how he feels?! When a guy plays hard to get, it's like one of the great mysteries of the universe: If you've ever had a guy play hard to get or maybe even are dealing with this special situation right now, good luck
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